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Shipping Container in Wicker Park

$ 100 per day

Property Description



Event Space


High Visibility


Boombox is a prefabricated micro retail kiosk installed in high volume public spaces to provide short term pop up retail opportunities for local entrepreneurs and community activators. Boombox has 12 foot wide accordion doors which open up to allow activities for special events and additional display to expand onto the plaza. The space is fully conditioned and has been the backdrop to numerous publications and national awards. Rental durations range between 2 weeks and 3 months, but flexible if there is something specific in mind. Book today! Space does go fast.

  • Wifi
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Security
  • Bathrooms
  • Stock Room
  • Basement
  • Fitting Rooms
  • Stock Room
  • Wheelchair
  • Parking
  • Shelves

Leases are typically between 2 weeks and 3 months please inquire for a lease outside this time frame.

Price is $1,000 per month.

Metro Renters

Young, Mobile, and Educated


Metro Renters residents income is close to the US average, but they spend a large portion of their wages on rent, clothes, and the latest technology. Computers and cell phones are an integral part of everyday life and are used interchangeably for news, entertainment, shopping, and social media. Metro Renters residents live close to their jobs and usually walk or take a taxi to get around the city.


Young, educated, and love to travel


Armed with the motto “you’re only young once,” Trendsetters residents live life to its full potential. These educated young singles aren’t ready to settle down; they do not own homes or vehicles and choose to spend their disposable income on upscale city living and entertainment. Dressed head to toe in the most current fashions, their weeknights and weekends are filled discovering local art and culture, dining out, or exploring new hobbies.


Wicker Park is a neighborhood of about 26,000 residents within the West Town community area in Chicago, Illinois. Situated just west of the Kennedy Expressway, Wicker Park is known for its local hipster culture, art community, nightlife, and food scene.  The Wicker Park shopping scene is, simply stated, bustling. With Chicago boutiques and shops specializing in everything from apparel and jewelry to crafts and home furnishings, you can find paper goods handmade in Chicago or wooden masks hand carved in Africa. Stroll the sidewalks of this Chicago neighborhood and shop till you drop!

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