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How Does It Work?

Find a space by using the search bar at the top of the page, or browse our Spotlight City to find in depth demographics about each space, where it’s listed, and who’ll be nearby your store when you pop up there.

Who Can Rent A Space?

Anyone with an idea to fill a space can rent through PopMark. Remember, booking your space is just the first step to launching your idea. Usually, businesses must have a license to sell products as well as insurance.


How Does It Work?

List a space and earn some extra cash while you fill your vacant spaces. Empty storefronts, plots of land, and even ferris wheels are all welcome at PopMark. Also, there’s extra perks for space owners such as free listings, no transaction fees, and standardized legals.

Who Can List A Space?

Space owners and property managers who have direct access to rent out their spaces list with us.

Booking A Space

How do I Know if a Space is Available?

To check the availability of a space, you need to submit an inquiry form. This can be found on any page with an active listing. Make sure you fill out accurate contact information, as well as the name of the space you are interested in. The dates you provide in this inquiry form will be sent to the space owner to determine availability.

How Do I Find An Open Space?

Use our search bar at the top of the page, or browse our spotlight city to find the perfect fit. PopMark offers personalized space recommendations if you don’t see something online that will fit your needs. Contact us here for assistance.

What Does Sending an Inquiry Mean?

This means that you are interested in renting out the space, and have an idea and dates in mind for when you would like to launch your idea. This is the first step in determining pricing and availability with the space owner.

How Much Will It Cost?

Each space owner sets their own prices. If not listed, we will contact them regarding your interest to determine a price. PopMark also charges a 10% platform booking fee as well as a 3% credit card fee ( if applicable).

Cancellations and Refunds

If the tenant cancels the booking within the first  24 hours of the booking being completed, you’ll be refunded the full booking cost. Service fees will also be refunded.

Cancellations aren’t allowed after 24 hours of the booking being completed, along with payment. The rental cost and service fees will not be refunded.

If the landlord or PopMark space representative cancels your booking, the full booking cost and service fees will be refunded to you.

Listing A Space

How Do I List A Space?

Fill out this contact form with your space details, and a PopMark representative will get in touch with you shortly regarding any info needed to get your listing live.

How Much Will It Cost?

It’s always free to list and book a space on PopMark. The space owner receives the exact amount published on their listing.

Will This Affect Long Term Letting?

You remain in control of your property and have the right to market it through your existing leasing channels. PopMark gives you extra options for managing your portfolio, giving you the option to promote and attract a flexible short term tenant while the space is empty.

If your property is on the market for a long term tenant we recommend including in your License to Occupy/Short Lease a relative break clause.

Cancellations and Refunds

We get it, things happen.

If you, the space owner, cancels the booking then the full booking cost will be refunded to the brand. You have up to 24 hours after the booking is complete to cancel.

Tenants have up to  24 hours of the booking being completed to be refunded their entire cost. Cancellations aren’t allowed if it is been more than 24 hours since the booking has been paid.

Payments & Legal

How Do I Pay for My Space?

You will receive an e mail to guide you through paying for your space.

What Is A Service Fee?

PopMark’s 10% service fee allows us to manage the platform, and to guide you through your space launch by being matched with a representative. Each listing has access to in depth demographic details as well, so you know exactly where to pop up.

Do I Need To Sign A Lease?

That’s up to your space owner or landlord. We highly recommend all tenants and landlords sign an agreement before proceeding with payment.

Is There A Deposit?

Some spaces may require a deposit. This will be returned once the space and keys are turned in to the landlord, as long as there are no damages.

How Do I Add A Payment Account?

PopMark will e mail you payment details.

Payments & Legal

What Kind of Agreement Is Made?

PopMark highly recommends that the space owner, or landlord and tenant have a formal agreement. A PopMark representative will guide you through the process of signing the legal agreement. We provide a standardized short term agreement if the landlord does not have their own.

Can I Use My Own Legals?

Yes! We highly encourage landlords to send us a copy of the legal document that accompanies their property. Please send the legal along with the listing address to

What If I Don't Upload My Own Legals?

PopMark will provide a standardized short term agreement for you to countersign.

Are Tenants Insured?

Tenants may or may not be insured. We recommend all tenants have insurance prior to opening their store. However, it is the landlords responsibility to check that the tenant has the proper insurance needed to occupy their space.

Who Manages the Space?

You do! Once accepting a booking request, you will be connected directly with the tenant to figure out the details and hand over the keys. PopMark is here to help guide you through this process.

How Do I Add A Payment Account?

Payment details will be e mailed to you once payment has been received by PopMark.


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